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National Cadet Corps (NCC)
Two separate units of NCC exist in the college for boys and girls. The boys unit has 105 seats and the girls unit 55. Admissions are granted on the basis of physical fitness and extra-curricular achievements. 75 per cent presence in the NCC parades is mandatory.
Enrolment :
Enrolment is open to all students who satisfy the standards of physical fitness.Enrolment forms can be obtained from the respective N.C.C. Officers. Training commences in July. Enrolment forms duly filled in must reach the concerned N.C.C. Offices within the date as per the notice for enrolment. Students selected for enrolment as cadets shall have to contribute four rupees each towards Regimental Fund and ten rupees each towards, Cadets'Welfare Society at the time of submission of enrolment forms.
Training :
Training is imparted to the cadets by the staff from Defence Services at the regular parades in the colleg and at the State level and All India Camps. The training includes Military subjects, Social Service, General Awareness and Cultural items.
Advantages :
N.C.C. cadets are preferred in the service of Border Security Force, Central Reserve Police, Reserve Police of different States. CISF, Fire Brigade and as Security Officers in different Compaies / Corporations, N.C.C. Cadets in possession of A, B and C certificates of N.C.C. will respectively be given 5, 10 and 15 marks more in the selection to C.R.P. and B.S.F.
Advantages :
Although the minimum qualification for the post of D.S.P. is a Second Class Bachelor's Degree, cadets in possession of a C Certificate in N.C.C. can apply even if they are simple Gradates. N.C.C. cadets also get preference for the post of Sub-Inspectors and Sergeants of Police if they have obtained C and B certificates of N.C.C. respectively. Certificate C holders are exempted from written test of CDS examinations may be called for SSB interview directly. Certificate C holders appearing at SSB after written test may avail quota reserved for them in each course of recruitment.
Graduate with C certificate in N.C.C. Air Wing can apply for entry into the Indian Air Force both in Ground and Flying Branches. The candidates are to apply within two years of their leaving N.C.C. through the commanding officers of the AIR squadron.
NCC cadets with high academic merit can avail different scholarships awarded by DG NCC, Cadets Welfare Society and Sahara India. Cadets are selected at the All India Republic Day Camp at Delhi every year to visit different countries abroad under the Youth Exchange Programme.
Clothing and Equipment :
The cadets may retain some of the clothing items and are required to return the restricted clothing and equipment issued to them by the date as will be notified by the respective Company Commanders / Principal. 


79, UK Bn NCC, Nainital

 By now we have succeeded in producing 03 Commissioned Officer (01) Agrewal (02) Mr. Ajay Upadhyay (03) Mr. Shreyash Verma serving at different posts of Indian Armed forces. Our cadets have been participating in RD Parade New Delhi. Prominent among them are Ms. Laxmi, Ms. Meena Bisht and Mr. Mahendra Singh Rawat. Our cadet Mr. Vikrant Chaudhary is heading the one of the security unit of Reliance Petroleum.


24 UK Girls Bn NCC, Nainital


This NCC sub-Unit of Infantry is active since 2005. Lt. (Dr.) Hemlata Mishra

This Sub-Unit was raised in 2005 under Dr HEMLATA MISHRA as Care Taker Officer affiliated to 24uk Girls Bn NCC Almora. We are thankful to the then Principal Prof DS Bagadwal for his effort in raising our sub-unit. By now Lt. Hemlata Mishra is the Coy Commander who was commissioned in December 2009 after successful completion of PRCN at OTA Gwalior with A Grade. In previous years 08 Cadets were selected for Thal Sena Camp, New Delhiand successfully completed the same. Lt.Mishra was Contingent commander TSC New Delhi 2011 and National Games camp New Delhi 2014.

Grade A- Alfa

Grade B- Bravo

Grade C- Charlie

Notes: Cadets passing C certificate with A and B grades are exempted from written examination of CDS. They may appear at SSB directly. They are also eligible for the NCC special entry scheme as Officers in armed forces.


In pursuance of the National Scheme to   inculcate feeling of service  towards   nation and understanding of national priorities amongst youth  a vision of National Service Scheme  came in to existence. In accord with  it NSS units in institutions like us functioning devotedly and dedicatedly . Presently we are running two unit of NSS in which students participate enthusiastically in various activities, i.e. awakening of rural and local people  regarding environmental issues, conducting surveys on various important parameters, issues concerning health etc. NSS volunteers participate in day and day and night camps and can appear for NSS A, B or C certificate examination.

Motto :
The motto of the National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) is "Not Me, But You", This expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless services and appreciation of another man's point of view and also show consideration for fellow human beings. It underlines the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society as a whole. therefore it should be the aim of the N.S.S. to demonstrate this motto in its day-to-day activities.

This programme is to inculcate the social welfare thoughts in the students, and to provide service to the society without any prejudice. NSS volunteers work hard day and night to ensure that every one in our society who is needy gets the every possible help from them so that they can also enhance their standards and lead a life of dignity in the society with all of us. In doing so the volunteers themselves learn a lot from the people in villages like how to struggle and how to lead a happy life in the extreme scarcity of resources and so on. personality development through social service.